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I want to give you my single Persian Prince as a present...
Let me take you into a world like one thousand and one nights... full of magic and adventures! Discover with me its enchanting spells and characters! Just sign up here:

Karsten Troyke

1001 nights: a world, one believed had been lost forever, but never really existed. But it does today, it is here and you can listen to it. Thanks to a wonderful jung lady, who takes advantage of the technical opportunities of today... she revives the enchanting charms of a female troubadour, with her sparkling timbre, strings, and musical Pop-Art. 

Marian Gold, Alphaville

I listened to your album and I really like it a lot. I like the straightforwardness and honesty of your voice. No posing, just pureness. It's like you let the people have a look inside your soul and there is a bright and shiny light. 

I wish you all the best and success with your CD.

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