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Lilith is an influential musician and a highly acclaimed artist with critics and fans alike. Based in Los Angeles, the Pop Singer career of Lilith began with a bang in 2017, with the release of her first Album "Persian Prince". The singer produce her album and was celebrated by press and media in Germany. Lilith is currently working on her new Album, with new sounds.

Chawa Lilith - Persian Prince - One-shee

1001 nights: a lost world that never existed - but today this world is here. Thanks to this amazingly talented young woman, who knows how to utilize all technical possibilities to enchant her audience as a female troubadour. With cello, her sparkling tempre and musical pop-art! Thank you Lilith for this amazing album!

Marian Gold - Singer of Alphaville

I listened to your Album and I really love it. I love the directness and honesty of your voice. No unnecessary posing, but one can see into your soul and there is a bright shimmering light. I wish you the best of luck with this masterpiece.


Lilith's music pulls us into world of fairytales - they are the most interesting and mysterious worlds that are shown to us in this world: The Album "Persian Prince" deserves to be heard all over the world!

Jan Fedderson - Journalist & Expert of the Eurovision Song Contest



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